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Technical Archive

Johnson Matthey Metal Joining has manufactured brazing and soldering materials since 1917 and  has marketed them since 1932. Over these years Johnson Matthey carried out a great deal of development and research. Although old in its format this work is still technically valid. Johnson Matthey are therefore releasing any documents that are no longer commercially sensitive for wider use.

'The knowledge that we have accumulated, combined with the experience of our technical teams, allows us to offer the best solutions for joining metals'

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Title Author Published
Brazing Tungsten Carbide Jack Willingham February 2008
Brazing Cast Iron D.R.Totty 1st October 1980
Copper Phosphorus J A Willingham 1st July 1987
Design and Strength M.H.Sloboda 1st July 1961
Don’t skimp on the silver Welding and Metal Fabrication October 1984 1st October 1984
Economic Aspects P.M.Roberts,A.WeId.I. 1st October 1971
Embrittling Effects J.D.Boughton and M.H.Sloboda ---
Fumes Produced L.A.Heathcote 1st November 1981
Furnace Brazing J.D.Boughton and P.M.Roberts 1st April 1973
High Purity Palladium M.H.Sloboda 1st January 1975
Industrial Gold M.H.Sloboda 1st January 1971
Interfacial Corrosion J.A.Willingham ---
Joining Stainless Steel L.D.Connell 1st January 1975
Troubleshooter’s checklist Welding and Metal Fabrication October 1984 1st October 1984

Cadmium-free Brazing Information Campaign

REACH is a European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals. It came into force on 1st June 2007 and replaced a number of European Directives and Regulations with a single system.

Under REACH legislation Belgium’s Federal Ministry of Health, Family and Environment assessed cadmium and its compounds in 2007; a 2,000 page report was produced and approved by member states in 2008. It recommended a ban on cadmium in a number of applications including brazing.

When Johnson Matthey learnt of this report in 2008 we started to inform our remaining customers using cadmium containing filler metals to encourage them to start using cadmium-free products.

These are some of the communications made with customers and users of cadmium containing filler metals between 2008-2012.

Title Author Published
Time for Brazing to goCadmium-free Phil Webb March 2008
Time for Brazing to go Cadmium-free (video) Phil Webb March 2008
Time for Model Engineering to go Cadmium-free Phil Webb August 2009
The Ban on Cadmium in Brazing Filler Metals - Some Questions Answered Phil Webb January 2012
Cadmium-free Brazing for Model Engineers Phil Webb January 2012

JMM 1100 Brazing Catalogue

This part of the technical archive contains data sheets from the JMM 1100 Catalogue. These data sheets date from 1959-1981. Although they are not current they still contain some useful reference data.

Sheet No. Title Published
100 Low Temperature Brazing Definitions and Principles June-1973
101 Metals that can be Brazed January-1974
105 Safety Precautions April-1981
110 Silver Brazing Alloys - Physical Properties June-1975
113 Silver-Bearing Soft Solders December-1967
114 JM Soft Soldering Fluxes - Types, Uses and Availability July-1973
120 Easy-flo™  and Easy-Flo™  No.2 March-1974
121 Argo-flo™ , Argo-swift™  and Argo-bond™  August-1973
122 Easy-flo™  No.3, Argo-braze™  50 and Easy-flo™  Trifoils C and CN June-1973
123 Sil-fos™ , Sil-fos™  5 and Silbralloy™ November-1974
124 Mattibraze™  34 August-1966
125 Easy-flo™  Paint December-1967
126 Silver-flo™ : Cadmium-free Silver Brazing Alloys June-1975
127 JM Copper-base Brazing Alloys June-1970
128 Copper-flo™ Brazing Alloys July-1973
130 Functions of the Flux November-1974
130 Brazing Fluxes (Booklet) Unknown
131 JM Brazing Fluxes - Types, Uses and Availability October-1974
135 High Purity Brazing Alloys (Booklet) Unknown
140 Selecting the Heating Method June-1967
141 Hand torch Brazing March-1965
142 Fixed torch Brazing March-1966
143 Induction Brazing Unknown
144 Furnace Brazing April-1968
145 Resistance Brazing September-1967
160 Joint Design - General Principles, Clearances, Surface Condition October-1973
161 Joint Design - How to Fit the Parts Together December-1959
163 Wire Rings February-1976
165 Brazing Alloy Preforms - Designing the Joint Unknown
167 Brazing Alloy Preforms - Applications and Availability Unknown
183 The Brazing of Brasses and Bronzes October-1974
184 Brazing the Refractory Metals May-1969
185 Brazing of Tungsten Carbide February-1976
186 Brazing Mild Steel May-1969
187 Brazing Stainless Steel November-1971
188 The Brazing of Cast Iron December-1980
200 High-purity Noble-metal Brazing Materials April-1974
475 JM Ceramic Solder No.1
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