Metal Joining Fabricated Metal Prices:
12 September 2014 Ag:$22.00/tr.oz
Au:$1,459.955/tr.oz Pd:$985.300/tr.oz

30 Day Silver Price Chart ($/tr.oz)
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 Featured Products

Silver-flo™ 55
Easy-flo™ Flux Powder
World renowned 'green label' flux excellent for hand torch brazing and a 'hot-rodding' technique. ...more

Welcome to Johnson Matthey Metal Joining

Johnson Matthey is a speciality chemicals company focused on its core skills in catalysts, precious metals and fine chemicals.

Metal Joining, part of the Precious Metal Products Division of Johnson Matthey, is a global supplier of brazing filler metals, solders and fluxes. Metal Joining also supply industrial silver and base metal products such as electrical contact materials.
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JM Adopts ISO17672

Fundamentals of Brazing Seminar

Tungsten Carbide Seminar
 Featured Applications
Brazing and soldering of stainless steel pipes and tubes
Using a special silver brazing filler metal is one solution to avoiding the problems of interfacial corrosion in stainless steel components…find out more.
Brazing of gas valves
Valves that carry gasses and liquids must have high integrity joints. Choice of filler metal, parent metal and a correct brazing set-up are essential.
Soldering of silver jewellery
Skilled silversmiths are able to solder tiny, ornate and complex pieces of jewellery using hallmarking grade silver solders.
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Over 100 years experience

REACH Compliance

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Cadmium-Free Video

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Rebranding of Brazing Fluxes (PDF)

Brazing Products for Stainless Steel (PDF)

Brazing Tungsten Carbide Seminar 14-15th October

Looking back at the EU ban on cadmium in brazing - Some FAQs (PDF)

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